EPW Bios - Boneyard

Theme tune: Coming Soon
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 pounds
From: ?
Finishing move: The El-Bone
Career Highlights: Tag Team Champion (1), World Hardcore Champion (1)
Favourite Quote: "Hah hah hah!"

For a while, since being screwed out of the world hardcore title by CrazeeKim, Boneyard's whereabouts have been unknown. However recent reports from Corporate Ken suggest tearfully that his former partner in crime from the tag team 'Mash and Bone' was lost and killed in the Rainforests on a holiday.

Boneyard is ever so slightly deranged, to the point where he will out stare you with insane grins. However his prowess in the ring, on the mat or in the backyard are clear to see. Always well-dressed, Boneyard suffered a long time from ridicule from fans claiming he was 'too much like the Rock', when he was clearly taking the p*ss rather than honouring the former WWE Champ.

Boneyard claims that his 'bone' will outlast any 'rock', any day. Goodness knows what that's supposed to imply!

So Rest in Peace, Boneyard. We will always remember you.