EPW Bios - Chickenwing Z
Chicken Wing Z!  ... and Sadhib

Theme tune: Click here
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 198 pounds
From: The Safe sanctity of his PC
Finishing move: Chickenwing Headlock
Career Highlights: EPW's Top Jobber
Favourite Quote: "Illiterate!", "You should be banned!", "I can read!", "I'll get the police!"

From the safe sanctity of his PC - Chickenwing Z has emerged to cause havoc and to stir annoyance around the EPW. This Evolution believing nerd aims to prove to the world that he is more than just a Manic Street Preachers fan by winning the EPW World Hardcore title.

If you get in his way he'll want to get the police on you or even worse he'll want to write you a impolite e-mail telling you that you and your family are illiterate and that you should be banned along with any religion you may have. Strange character? We know!

His most recent partner in crime is the banana which apparently is 96 per cent human, after Sad-Hib his former tag team partner and close friend betrayed him by not assisting him to win a match.

And yes. He can read by the way.