EPW Bios - Corporate Ken
Corporate Ken!

Theme tune: Run by Blackline (http://www.blacklinerock.com)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 17 stone, 186 pounds
From: The Mean Streets of Brentry
Finishing move: The Payrise Chokeslam
Career Highlights: EPW Federation Champion (current), Mosh Pit Champion (2)
Favourite Quote: "I'm so Proud!!" "Stupid fans!"

Corporate by name, but corporate no more. Ken's booking power and position in EPW had been taken from him by the board of directors since he'd abused it for so long. His old position is now passed on to Crazeekim. Now angrier than ever, Ken is a one man monster-truck rally looking around to take his anger out on anyone and everyone. No longer in charge but still definitley large!