EPW Bios - CrazeeKim

Theme tune: 'I've got the power', H-Blox
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 11 stone
From: Middle-Town, London
Finishing move: Caffeine Hit, Late Train Home, The George Cross [submission], Volume Dropper.
Career Highlights: Greatest ring moments according to her are both times she lifted the World Hardcore Title (a title from old skool EPW), firstly by defeating Corporate Ken, secondly by screwing Boneyard out of the belt.  Since enjoying rolling around with the Corporate One, she has since married him and is now his prize femme.
Favourite Quote: "Jobber!"

Started out merely interfering in the matches of those she despises the most, CrazeeKim has a lot to prove. She may have lost weight and been thrown out of training for 'psychopathic tendencies' but she still is frustratingly tough to handle, as any guy will soon discover if they try her on. She doesn't often fight due to bad health, but once she's angry, she'll get in the ring with you!

An accomplished Hardcore athlete, an ex-football player, four-style Martial artist and hockey goal tender, Kim can take a beating and still stand up, despite her thin looks. Made her name by fighting guys much bigger than herself. She is also known for putting in treacherous low blows when angered. Her winning record is tarnished by her ill health and weight disadvantage, but she is a wild horse that you cannot ever overlook, unless you want to see her walking out of the ring, wearing YOUR gold...

CrazeeKim is married to Corporate Ken and seems for the most part tamed by the big man of EPW.  But, you can never really be sure; she certainly doesn't give anything away about her plans.  Kim is deeply imperial and to mess with her is to stand toe to toe with cruel and unusual punishment.

An actual George Cross
A REAL George Cross, as it were. Oh yes.