EPW Bios - Da Robb

Theme tune: 'Best days of our lives', Baha Men
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 10 stone
From: Italy
Finishing move: Da Robb Drop, Campino Crusher
Career Highlights: Destron Champion (1 )
Favourite Quote: ""Campino!", "You will taste my Country!"

Da Robb first appeared in the EPW during Monster June where he tried to get a contract with Corporate Ken. Da Robb wasn't successful at first but Ken had a change of heart and employed him as his right hand aide and general lackey. Da Robb loves to eat Campinos and will do anything to get in Corporate Ken's good books. After defeating Mckay for his coveted Destron Title, Da Robb is now classed as not only a champion but also one of the Corporate scum's most prestigious performers.

He has advanced his move set and personality very much since his early appearances on EPW TV time.  Now with sentons and the like as part of his arsenal, Da Robb is truly a force to be reckoned with!