EPW Bios - The Keynsham Brawler
Dave the Keynsham Brawler!

Theme tune: 'Disco's Revenge', Gusto
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 12 stone
From: The continual battle ground of Trendy Vs Long hair cool people, Keynsham
Finishing move: The Bath Road Bump, The Deadly Head To Tray manoeuvre
Career Highlights: Pulled strings to cause the first split up of Mash and Bone (not that it lasted long). Survived the socko claw. Never entered a title match thus has never lost one.
Favourite Quote: "It will never be the same again!"

Brought up in 'not quite perfect' conditions and surroundings, he has a temper and often goes over the top. He has no real goal apart from to prove himself as a worthy 'tray wielder' and dangerous opponent. He has no real allies, but will interfere with matches when it will create a humorous outcome; like someone's head being thwacked with a tray.