EPW Bios - Divefire

Theme tune: 'Points Of Authority', Linkin Park
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 9.5 stone
From: Deepest Darkest Dorset
Finishing move: The Burn Out, The Flame Out
Career Highlights: Forming "Hard Men", Mosh Pit Champion (1).
Favourite Quote: "The harder the fight, the brighter I burn."

Divefire is still an unknown quantity in the world of Extreme Posse Wrestling. It is said that he possesses speed that is un-see-able and skill to match it. Coming from a background of street fighting and martial arts, his ring prowess remains to be seen but should not be taken for granted. Renowned as being a determined fighter who will surmount any challenge put before him, he also seeks out those he considers worthy of fighting a true warrior. His finishing move, The Burn Out, combines martial arts moves and wrestling technique that ensures his opponent will stay down for the three.