EPW Bios - Gurl

Theme tune: 'Bad Reputation', Joan Jett
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 9.5 stone
From: Keynsham, Bristol
Finishing move: The Gobstopper
Career Highlights: Destron Champion  (1 - current), Being EPW's most famous Referee!
Favourite Quote: "Lame!"

Gurl is EPW's main referee/wrestler. He took on the referee role to get some extra cash on the side. Gurl likes to make fun of his opponents by labelling them as "Lame" he also likes to psyche them out by adding them to the Lameo-List.

Gurl is a strange individual but is also quite a character to content with.  More recently, he has appeared on EPW with other men wearing OWM t-shirts; what can this mean?  Has EPW gained a stable? Only time will tell.