EPW Bios - La Trine
La Trine

Theme tune: 'Vortex' by Megadeth
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 11 stone
From: Parts Unknown
Finishing move: The Last Blast, Vantrinanator
Career Highlights: Crazy and dangerous legend from the backyard circuit, La Trine debuted to help Mouldsta fight McKay, but ended up squaring off against his former hardcore icon best buddy (Mouldsta) when McKay was beaten senseless before his match at BIT:UK, 2003.
Favourite Quote: "This is only the beginning!"

La Trine is dangerous and insane. The man wears a skull mask and is built like a weight trainer! Nobody wants to have anything to do with him, especially inside the squared circle, bar one man; his drinking buddy and fellow hardcore icon from the backyard circuit, Mouldsta. Luckily we don't see that much of La Trine, but whenever he's appeared in EPW televised matches, the man has stirred up controversy with his off the hook style and his use of massive slams and drops, chairs and other weapons.