EPW Bios - ManX

Theme tune: Shares the -=OWM=- theme (Monkey's by Mad Caddies)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 9.5 stone
From: -=OWM=- Parkour, Saltford
Finishing move: Backwards Salmon
Career Highlights: Debuted a Gurl's mystery tag team partner on Melted episode 12, becoming the 3rd member of -=OWM=-.
Favourite Quote: TBA

The third man in the now infamous -=OWM=- clan, ManX is another keen Counter-Striker from Saltford near Keynsham. When he isn't dropping other wrestlers in EPW with one of his insanely twisty and athletic moves, this young man engages in bizarre bouts of leaping from walls and park benches to free his body in motion, as part of Keynsham's up and coming 'Le Parkour' trend.