EPW Bios - Masked Man

Theme tune: 'Belthesar's Theme', Chrono Trigger
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 9 stone
From: Places We Don't Know
Finishing move: The Switchblade
Career Highlights: Winning the Victory Tournament 2002
Favourite Quote: "..."

Masked Man made his debut appearance on the EPW Demo Show - Monster June where he completely destroyed and ruined the opening match between McKay and Just Call Me Jazz. Since that time The Masked Man has cropped up here and there to make Corporate Ken's life pretty stressful to say the least.

Hidden by a mask and a long black trench coat - this mysterious character has little known about him and where he comes from. Time will tell.

Since Corporate Ken screwed him out of the EPW Championship after the Victory Tournament, he hasn't been seen. Rumours have it he is plotting revenge or some further mysterious strikes against the EPW roster when they least expect it.