EPW Bios - McKay
McKay sneering

Theme tune: "Fog On The Tyne", Gazza
Height: Too short
Weight: 10 stone
From: Geordieland
Finishing move: The Tynewarp, the Crossway Legsweep, the SSS
Career Highlights: Destron Champion (1), Mosh Pit (1 - Current)
Favourite Quote: "You know and everyone knows...", "Here's your payment!"

Hailing from Geordieland, McKay is a psycho Geordie whose hardcore nature makes up for his lack of size. Don't underestimate his strength though, or you will get payment!

A long standing enemy of Corporate Ken or anything Corporate for that matter, McKay is obsessive, bizarre and ever so slightly crazy. Don't let him near a title belt or he's as likely to use it as a weapon as to wear it.

Despite using brute force in his matches, McKay has proven to be as good at manipulating behind the scenes as he is in the ring. Through his plans to become the Immortal Geordie, he has managed to secure more than 1 title and plans to secure them all! Whey aye!