EPW Bios - Mouldsta, The
Moulsta - and beer, as usual

Theme tune: Crush em, Megadeth
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 9 stone
From: The liquor store
Finishing move: The Victimiser, Super Facecrusher
Career Highlights: Mosh Pit Champion (1 - current)
Favourite Quote: "Fair enough..." "Pass the beer"

Budweiser's favourite customer and one of the lightest men in backyard wrestling, it's shocking that when Mouldy breaks off from drinking in the garden and enters the squared circle, he can chuck you around like nobody's business! Dreadlocks flying randomly in all directions, this man has become a backyard hardcore icon in other feds, as well as becoming a hardcore legend in EPW since Melted episode 5, where he debuts with fellow EPW training camp stud, Dave Da Rave (DDR). There is no bump he won't take, no bottle of beer he can't consume. If you want to challenge this man, think twice!