EPW Bios - Shaolin

Theme tune: 'Kung Fu Fighting', Carl Douglas
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 pounds
From: Dragon Valley, The Far East
Finishing move: The Eastern Plunge, The Dragon Driver
Career Highlights: Being able to say his name as well as the word "Frijj!". Formed "Eastern Mystery" with Kung Pow Kid.
Favourite Quote: "Shaolin!"

Shaolin is a mysterious character. When Kung Pow Kid had debuted in Show 6 nobody had expected him to bring a friend along too.

Unlike The Kung Pow Kid, Shaolin has a limited range of vocabulary. Rumour has it that Shaolin can disappear sometimes in matches giving him the advantage over his opponent. This is yet to be seen over the boundaries of the EPW Training Camp.

Shaolin is also rumoured to look like a hamster which is why he is covered by a blue facial sash. Shaolin loves "frijj!" (www.frijj.com) and nothing will stand between him and his favourite tipple.