EPW Bios - Swag
Swag ... and the deadly Price Drop!

Theme tune: 'Full Throttle Theme', The Gone Jackals
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 10 stone
From: The Bargain Basement
Finishing move: Running in, The Price Drop DDT, The Final Reduction.
Career Highlights: Returning in the ring during show six of EPW: Melted, breaking all records for run ins on EPW programming. Cutting the famous promo during the EPW Victory Tournament for his ill-fated 'Save Our Swag' appeal.
Favourite Quote: "Save Our Swag"

Swag is one of the oldest talents in EPW, and has a street style mixed with his spooky ability to grin no matter what else is happening around him, or to him. A wrestling veteran, many of the new stars are afraid of Swag, who simply refuses to feel pain or taste defeat when in the ring. If you want to get rid of him, you'll probably have to chain him to the ring post or out the back, because he never stops coming!