EPW Bios - Traceur

Theme tune: Shares the -=OWM=- theme (Monkey's by Mad Caddies)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 9 stone
From: -=OWM=- Parkour, Keynsham
Finishing move: TBA
Career Highlights: Debuted as 'Random Bloke' in a 3-way match, later to shock fans be revealing he was part of the new stable, -=OWM=-.
Favourite Quote: "Frag you all"

Part of the now infamous -=OWM=- clan, Traceur started out life in EPW coming in from the training camp as a random bloke. A Counter-Strike player and a little known scribbler of thoughts and dreams, this man spends his time thinking about the larger issues in this life in between bizarre bouts of leaping from walls and park benches to free his body in motion, as part of Keynsham's up and coming 'Le Parkour' trend.